Rewarding Memories

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JMP provides Reward and Recognition services. We work with your company to create purposeful programmes of engagement that are linked to your corporate direction and growth.

Whether you want to reward commitment, hard work or recognise the talent of your employees we will work with you to create a programme that meets your needs - engaging your staff and allowing your company to grow.

Join the ever increasing number of companies who are already experiencing the benefits of positive staff recognition plans with the support of JMP.

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Why Recognise and Reward

  • 86% of UK workers say they want recognition for their contributions at work.
  • 9 in 10 UK employees say recognition motivates them to do a better job.
  • 64% of workers in the UK say they would leave their job for one that recognised their efforts.

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At JMP, we can help you develop and implement an employee recognition plan that will engage your staff and positively impact your business.